Why is querySelectorAll not working?

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    I am writing a website, took up a block of code with tabs and made the following function.
    tabs ('. glazing_slider', '. glazing_block', '.glazing_content', 'active')
    where the first is a block with all the tabs, the second is the tabs themselves, the third is the content to be switched and the class.
    The problem turned out to be the following, I had a space after glazing_block, the code didn't work because of this.
    I solved the problem, but still there was a question: why didn't querySelectorAll work with a space? Because I remember that before sometimes I could write this way and it didn't seem to prevent the code from being executed.
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jun 15, 2019

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    Because .glazing_block [space] and .glazing_block are not equivalent strings. It may not matter to you in life, but in computers everything is strict.

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