How to enable hint \ autocomplete jsx attributes in VS Code?

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    Good afternoon.

    Do not throw your slippers if the question is stupid.
    Building a webpack builder for React / Redux + babel + other pornography . Syntax hints are not pulled from React when typing - for example className, style, etc.
    The create-react-app has this out of the box.

    I see that it links, via import, to the global index.d.ts - from where it pulls the syntax.
    Photo below.

    In this regard, the question is how this is achieved and how to do the same in webpack.
    I myself do not enter yet, and I cannot boast of experience.

    Thanks in advance!

    PS: React, in webpack, is up and running.

    JavaScript Jack Barnes, Apr 30, 2020

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    hints appear because there is support for typescript declarations, but you do not have such declarations in your new project.

    All the code sometimes tries to determine the type and methods itself to display in hints, so see if you have any typescript plugins for all code, if not, then set the settings so that regular js files are also checked. look at the docks

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