How do I fix the behavior of the OWL carousel?

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    Hello, how can I fix this slider behavior? initially the height is set to 770px, then when you scroll through and return, the height is already normal.

    Link where you can test the slider

    Slider code
                // loop:true,
                // navText:["",""],
                navText:['<i class="icon-prev-page"></i>','<i class="icon-next-page"></i>'],
    			margin: 10,
                autoHeight: true,
        		// autoHeightClass: 'owl-height',
                startPosition: 0,
                onInitialized  : counter, //When the plugin has initialized.
      			onTranslated : counter //When the translation of the stage has finished.
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jan 25, 2019

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