How to convert a numeric date to another form?

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    Good afternoon.

    I got the following date: 2020-11-10T12: 10: 16.000000Z
    I need to translate it into this format:

    Please tell me how this can be implemented?
    JavaScript Sienna Beck, Oct 28, 2020

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    new Date ('2020-11-10T12: 10: 16.000000Z')

    And then process it as you want. For example

    const date = new Date('2020-11-10T12:10:16.000000Z')

    console.log(new Intl.DateTimeFormat('en-US').format(date)); // 11/10/2020
    console.log(new Intl.DateTimeFormat('ru-RU').format(date)); // 10.11.2020
    console.log(new Intl.DateTimeFormat(navigator.language).format(date)); // Зависимо от языка пользователя


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