How do I set up a PAC file for a single site in IE8?

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    Good afternoon!
    In a state institution, you need to configure access to the state. portal through a proxy. I raised the proxy on ccproxy on a computer in the institution's network. On the proxy itself, access to any external addresses is prohibited, there is only access to a portal like 11.0.xx (instead of x, insert numbers, which you like:)). On other PCs, there is no access to the portal, but Internet access is needed. If you register a proxy on a local machine by hand, you have access to the portal, but there is no access to the Internet, respectively. To accomplish this task, I threw in a simple PAC file, set up tinyWeb on the proxy itself and uploaded the file there. If I go through Opera, Chome, Firefox everything works, traffic goes to the portal through a proxy, everything else goes directly. But the whole problem is that this portal requires ONLY IE 8 and the script does not work in Explorer or Edge. The question is how to get IE 8 to work by script. Below is a listing of the Pac file.

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    if (shExpMatch(host,"11.0.x.x"))
    return "PROXY 10.1.x.x:808";
    return "direct";
    JavaScript Sadie Pineda, Jan 31, 2020

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