How can I use javascript to find out the distance between elements without referring to style?

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    The problem is that you need to find out the margins so that when choosing a way to anchor the child element (top, left, right, bottom), you can find out from one side or another the distance to the edge of the parent element and set this distance as a value from properties (top, left, right, bottom).
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jul 21, 2020

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    more details there

    offsetParent - "parent in the render tree" - the closest cell in the table, body for static positioning, or closest positioned element for other types of positioning.

    offsetLeft / offsetTop - position in pixels of the upper left corner of the block, relative to its offsetParent.

    offsetWidth / offsetHeight - "outer" width / height of the block, including borders.

    clientLeft / clientTop - The indentation of the content area from the top-left corner of the element. If the operating system places vertical scrolling on the right, then they are equal to the widths of the left / top frame, if on the left (OS in Hebrew, Arabic), then clientLeft includes scrolling.

    clientWidth / clientHeight - the width / height of the content along with padding, but no scrollbar.

    scrollWidth / scrollHeight - the width / height of the content, including the scrollable area. Includes padding and does not include scrollbars.

    scrollLeft / scrollTop - the width / height of the scrolled part of the document, calculated from the top left corner.
    Madeline White

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