Why does it freeze?

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    Guys, what's the problem?
    Installed clean centos 7 desktop everything is fine. As soon as I install nginx + php-fpm + mongodb + cassandra + elasticsearch
    the computer hangs hard, the mouse does not move, no window opens, restarting does not help.
    intel core i5 RAM 4GB
    Could it be that cassandra requires 8gb?
    Linux Silas David, Jan 31, 2020

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    Elastic wants 4 gigs by default, I think that Cassandra is no less.

    in elastic, correct the file /etc/elasticsearch/jvm.options and write

    I have it for VM in 512Mb

    I don’t know where - I haven’t worked for Cassandra yet.

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    Elasticsearch has very high requirements, possibly because of it.

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