Why is Undefined in this example in the second case?

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    var fullname = 'Mark Ivanov';
    var obj = {
       fullname: 'Joe Milner',
       prop: {
          fullname: 'David Smith',
          getFullname: function() {
             return this.fullname;
    var test = obj.prop.getFullname;
    JavaScript Anonymous, Feb 2, 2020

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    This is the basic knowledge, without which you will step on a bunch of rakes, you detach the method from the object and it loses context.

    I recommend reading https://www.oreilly.com/library/view/ javascript-th ...

    Well, or at least https://learn.javascript.ru/bind

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    Assigning let test = obj.prop.getFullname; loses the this context. You can bind the context using bind let test = obj.prop.getFullname.bind (obj); .

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