Sending two arrays with axios?

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    you need to send two arrays to the server, if I send them separately then everything works.
    , there are no errors, it does not accept anything on the server and does not display errors, the content-type application / json even installed maxContentLength: Infinity,
    maxBodyLength: Infinity,
    still nothing works together, but is sent separately, that is, if one key, one array
    this is how works (url, {'key': 'array'})
    that doesn't work (url, {'key': 'array', 'key': 'array'}
    JavaScript Fynn Blackwell, Mar 30, 2019

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    put indices on the keys,{'ключ1':'массив','ключ2':'массив'})

    but you can also wrap it in payload / data

    const arr1 = <your_first_array>;
    const arr2 = <your_second_array>;
    const payload = { arr1, arr2 };,{ payload });
    Lilah Waters

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