How to connect third-party libraries in bem / project-stub?

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    Good afternoon, in a short time you need to understand how bem works)) downloaded -stub and installed, downloaded jquery and owl-carousel via bower, it is not clear how to connect them when building pages. Thank you
    JavaScript Anonymous, Aug 4, 2020

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    Oh ... In short will not work. Firstly, the project-stub is not a starter kit for quickly creating a website from scratch, but rather a demonstration of the concept of bem-tools (XJST-template engine, enb-collector, etc.). is more suitable for website development, but and it has a higher entry threshold: there is close work with express.js, that is, it is also a full-fledged server on node.js.

    jQuery is already included in the delivery of both project-stub and bem-express, since a framework from the stack for working with client-side JS i-bem.js works with jQuery.

    There are two ways to connect third-party libraries:

    1. hardcode the library as described in the instructions and call initialization yourself;

    2. make a BEM module that uses the Y-Modules system to dynamically connect.

    The second method is preferable, but also an order of magnitude more complicated.

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