How to parse xml file into mysql table using php?

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    I'm not good friends with php, so I ask for help.
    The structure of the xml file looks like this:

    <column name="id">...</column> 
      <column name="title">....</column> 
      <column name="parent">95</column> 
      <column name="id_group">50</column> 
      <column name="hide">0</column> 
      <column name="parent_field">13</column> 
      <column name="filename">...</column> 
      <column name="isfilename">1</column> 
      <column name="id_rmapo">...</column> 
      <column name="cycle_students">...</column> 
      <column name="cycle_type">..</column> 
      <column name="cycle_money" /> 
      <column name="cycle_cert">0</column> 
      <column name="cycle_employment">.</> 
      <column name="cycle_duration">1</column> 
      <column name="cycle_from">...</column> 
      <column name="cycle_to">....</column> 
      <column name="cycle_quantity">..</column> 
      <column name="cycle_year">2017</column>

    The table itself
    MySQL Anonymous, Sep 7, 2019

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    An approximate algorithm does not take into account your system, connection to the database, etc.:
    1. Get the contents of a file, if it is on disk then file_get_contents or fread
    2. Parse an xml document, so that you can work with him. For example, using SimpleXMLElement
    3. In a loop, for example, foreach, all root elements and in each iteration add an entry to the base.

    This is the easiest option. If there are a lot of records in the file, it is necessary in step 3 to collect requests for n requests and insert them into the database in batches. But this is out of necessity
    Isla Francis

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