Get data on daily or monthly limit?

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    Good evening, guys, please help me for 4 hours. I've been puzzling, I can't do it.

    There are several products in the database, and they have a purchase restriction,
    Daily limit: 100 pcs.
    Monthly limit: 1000 pcs.

    If one product exceeds the limit of more than 100 or 1000, then the product with a different id is displayed from the base, but the characteristics are the same.

    $count = 1000 ;
            $daily = Carbon::now()->startOfDay();
            $month = Carbon::now()->subDays(30)->startOfDay();
            $q = Shop::where('id','=',1)
                    ['limit_day','<=', $count ],
                    ['created_at', '<=',  $daily],
                    ['limit_month', '<=', $count ],
                    ['created_at', '>=',  $month]

    Doesn't help.

    Help yes guys really need your help, please!
    MySQL Anonymous, Nov 23, 2020

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    And that limit_day and limit_month go to zero every day / month?

    You need to keep logs of purchases separately, then it will be possible to calculate the number of purchases today and the number of purchases per month

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