What JavaScript projects are great to have in your portfolio?

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    As an addition to my resume ( Junior frontend) and my own development, I want to make several completely different small projects that demonstrate JavaScript skills (maybe a little more coding). What do you think will work best?
    P.S. Please, no need to talk about your own imagination and so on - you have your own ideas, but I would like to collect more opinions
    JavaScript Harper Harper, Sep 17, 2020

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    So write a project that will generate project ideas.

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    What do you think will work best?
    One that is made with high quality, with a soul and for people. Best of all: with in-demand functionality that is nowhere to be found anywhere.

    Show how personally you can make life easier for developers without asking for anything in return.

    This will be the best portfolio!
    Everly Holden

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    You can learn React or another SPA as an addition to your resume and for your own development and already do small projects on them that demonstrate skills.
    Logan Herrera

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    Portfolio excerpt from my resume:

    Game "Checkers" with a server

    The client was written on a React + Redux stack using Immer.js. The online game uses web sockets to communicate with a server written in Express.js. For an online game, it is possible to create many game rooms with a unique id that is used to connect. There is a chat room in the lobby for communication between players. If you cannot play online, you can play offline together on one PC.

    Minesweeper Game

    Implemented on Vue + Vuex stack in early 2020 using Pug preprocessor, notable for high performance and responsiveness for mobile displays up to IPhone 4. Then it was rewritten on React + Redux stack using redux-thunk, TypeScript and styled- components.

    Video player with server

    The client is written on a React + Redux stack using Immer.js, material-ui and video.js. At the moment, it is possible to watch videos offline by moving the file to the player via drag & amp; drop, or start the server and take video from it through the implemented file manager. Uploading to the server is possible when transferring a file to the file manager area. It is possible to monitor the progress of the download and cancel the download if required. The server is written in Express.js using multer. Uses streams for video transmission.

    In general, I almost just hatched, combined with excellent knowledge of JS, good knowledge of frameworks and all sorts of cool things (libs, SOLID, patterns, etc.), I received many cool offers. Here it is worth understanding that the portfolio is needed purely for show, no one will look at it seriously. Maybe so, one eye will run)

    If you are interested in programming in native JS, you can try to adapt for it. I advise you to use the most current technologies (or mostly) so that the employer sees that you have a thirst for knowledge and are ready to study it if necessary.

    If you are afraid of the word server, it is very easy to write it on a node. And on express.js it's generally elementary, one evening to study and write a simple server is enough)
    Nathan Terry

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    None, I doubt they mean anything. But having commercial projects on your resume is cool.

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    I have a strange attitude towards gits that are made for the sake of a resume. An attitude like an ellie cannibal. Throw there what you are interested in or what you received money for.

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    Create a Game 21

    Create a dodo pizza shop

    Create a Tudu on React

    Create a tode with redux

    Create a todo with mobx

    Build something in react-native

    Look at different technologies, you can even try typescript.

    This is for pumping up a skill, plus if it is for a resume, the employer sees that he felt different technologies

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    Try writing a client for pets-api: https://github.com/mbelsky/pets-api first you can use pure js, then using react / vue. The README describes all the necessary steps step by step.

    According to the initial message, I did not understand your level of knowledge of js, but suddenly it will be the same.
    Quinn Esparza

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