Is it possible to write a script?

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    Good day everyone. I had the following question and I would be very grateful for an answer from knowledgeable people why I actually came.
    The bottom line is this:
    There is a platform where I host my podcasts.

    The podcast ranking is based on the number of plays in the first and subsequent days after publication, as well as the total listening time.

    At the moment, in order to promote the podcast, in incognito mode in opere, I open 3 tabs in parallel and manually turn on the podcast on each of them and turn off the sound. Taking into account 2 computers, 6 wiretaps per hour for 60 minutes come out.
    Since the process is mechanical, it is not always possible to do it constantly.

    Attention to the question. Is it possible to write a script so that this happens automatically, simply by specifying the url and the number of starts, for example, or by mechanically stopping the script?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 8, 2019

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    Incognito mode will give you something. If they have more or less protection against wrapping, then all your tabs will be displayed in their system as 1 user, which will not give you anything. Just get banned.

    Such cases are done through cheat programs, where you can specify all your requirements. Plus, you need to use a proxy for each user. And they are not so bad (there are also cheap ones, but this is a topic for another conversation).

    And according to your task, this can essentially be done through JS, but only without incognito mode (if I'm not mistaken).
    Adalaide Hurley

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    Yes, you can use the same web driver

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