React Native multipart / form-data + camera, how?

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    Hello, the essence is this, you need to send the taken photo with the content-type multipart / form-data to the server, I figured out how to send the photo, but how to take a photo or take it from the gallery and get the image file is not yet clear. I would be grateful if you can tell me how to implement it, or if you can throw a guide.
    Android Jude O'Connell, Sep 22, 2020

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    Good evening!

    I'm also working with react-native now (though I haven't touched working with images yet).

    A Google search for "react-native image picker" gives a lot of links.

    For example this one: -image ...

    I myself have worked with many libraries for react-native and not all of them have been implemented successfully.

    Until you try it yourself, you won't know what suits you.

    I would be very grateful for a short answer on the library you choose.

    I still have to work with images

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