Mobile app builder as a bot for Telegram?

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    Salute, colleagues! A question for Saturday night, maybe even a theoretical one.

    It's a pleasure to saw a bot for Telegram! The client added the bot to contacts, logged in and pokes buttons. All the bot's functionality lies entirely on the server (webhook + api), and any change in logic or bugs does not affect the client in any way - he does not need to poke "Update application" and listen to any warnings from the Market. It just continues to use, and the developers debug and fix the bot online. 21st century.

    Not so with mobile apps. You need to release the build while it spreads to customers, find more bugs and the process repeats. Many clients disable auto-update and it is almost impossible to reach them - the old version is no longer supported by the server and the client complains about the broken application in the reviews and support. Well, a bunch of Android versions add entertainment. Sadness.

    Are there any application designers that have their logic and elements located on the server? Yeah, like HTML5 + WebView, just not so slow :) For example, the application checks new version of logic and elements, works further if everything is fresh. If not, the background swaps and updates the interface.

    For 99% of applications, it is enough: signs, forms, buttons, lists, map, etc. Maybe some React Mobile in conjunction with something? Following the example of Telegram - the server is responsible for everything in real time, since the Internet is now cheap.
    Android Chloe Yang, May 1, 2019

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    Ionic deploy:

    I am just porting my telegram bot for debt accounting to Ionic and I make updates through this service.

    On iPhone 6s, the new version is loaded and unpacked in 3-4 seconds.

    Microsoft seems to have something similar for the Cordova apps too.
    Lillian Dougherty

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