Is it possible to somehow arrange for all linter errors to ignore warning and errors?

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    I came to a new project, the concept of code-style was completely absent here, I am implementing eslint with rules. Linter found about 2k problems that cannot be fixed (only manually). Is it possible to somehow temporarily ignore all errors so that the project does not get up?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jul 11, 2020

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    Without eslint-plugin-only-warn it is impossible to work with eslint. The fact that every little thing that is guaranteed not to cause real errors, they have error by default, and not warning - it always freezes me.

    Next, eslint-plugin-autofix will come in handy, which will auto-fix "dangerous" things (which are not fixed by default). Only here you need to do it carefully and look at the changes with your eyes after fixing (git for help).

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