Why is it throwing Uncaught TypeError: addEventListener is not a function?

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    var squaresEl = document.querySelectorAll('.square');
        squaresEl.addEventListener('click', function () {

    <div class="gameboard">
            <div class="div1 square"></div>
            <div class="div2 square"></div>
            <div class="div3 square"></div>
        <div class="gameboard">
            <div class="div4 square"></div>
            <div class="div5 square"></div>
            <div class="div6 square"></div>
            <div class="gameboard">
            <div class="div7 square"></div>
            <div class="div8 square"></div>
            <div class="div9 square"></div>
    JavaScript Anonymous, Feb 11, 2020

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    document.querySelectorAll returns NodeList , not the DOM element itself

    You need to refer to the elements by index.

    squaresEl [index] .addEventListener (...)
    Lukas Herring

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