How to build a conditional selector?

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    There is a set of elements with attributes of the form id = 10
    How do I construct a selector to select elements with id & gt; 10 ?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Aug 12, 2020

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    <li id="1"></li>
    <li id="2"></li>
    <li id="3"></li>
    <li id="4"></li>
    <li id="5"></li>
    <li id="6"></li>
    <li id="7"></li>
    <li id="8"></li>
    <li id="9"></li>
    <li id="10"></li>
    <li id="11"></li>
    <li id="12"></li>

    const elements = [...document.querySelectorAll('li')];
    console.log(elements.filter(li => +li.getAttribute('id') >= 10));

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    elem:not([id="1"]):not([id="2"]):not([id="3"]):not([id="4"]):not([id="5"]):not([id="6"]):not([id="7"]):not([id="8"]):not([id="9"]) {

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    possible with prefixes. it will work better this way.

    you can walk through all the elements


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