How to understand if any data can be stolen?

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    I can not understand. Can a fraudster find out some information such as passwords, history, etc.
    I went to this site and entered _0x699b = ["asd"]; ja = _0x699b [0]; a () into the console.
    Don’t think anything, I was just wondering what would happen, and now I thought of what this could be, now I can’t sleep well.
    What is it?
    JavaScript Delilah Good, Aug 1, 2019

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    Everyone can steal. The only difference is complexity and circumstances.
    Harrison Moody

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    " Simple " nothing happens (from what is connected with the human psyche). This is an axiom.

    (" just " means " for no reason ")

    So you are not saying something. The story is not complete.

    And data not only can be stolen, but it is constantly stolen. But few people think about it.

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