How should processing a large file not take up a lot of memory?

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    I have a synchronous operation that iterates through the odds and processes 100 MB each. It looks like this:
    It seems that I took everything into account. But here's the trouble. with each pass through the handicap, the program is more and more loaded, just like when it was written in the handicap reading stream with the write stream. For now, I'm trying to work out the performance in a synchronous operation, since the application response is not needed.
    C# Anonymous, Oct 7, 2020

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    I did not look at the link, sorry. Well, for example, text editors write either so that he tries to load the entire file into memory at once (which is fraught with an attempt to open a multi-gigabyte file in the editor), or cleverly that he loads only a small fragment into memory and loads the following as necessary. You probably need to do the same ...
    Thomas Middleton

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    When uploading a file over 600 MB, memory saving became visible. I just didn't see it because I was downloading 400.

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