How do I create a common property for two classes?

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    There is a room. The room has windows, doors, cutouts in the wall, etc. (let's call them elements).
    Two classes have been created, respectively:
    class Room{}
    class Element{}

    The room and the element have standard parameters: Length, Width, Height.
    Accordingly, the room object and the element object must have properties with parameters, for example Dictionary:
    class Room { public  Dictionary<string,double> Params {get;set;} }
    class Element { public  Dictionary<string,double> Params {get;set;} }
    Room room = new Room();
    Element element = new Element();

    The room contains many elements, let's say the property List & lt; & gt;
    public List & lt; Element & gt; Elements {get; set;};
    How do I create a common property of standard Params for these two classes? If you apply inheritance, then the object of the Element class will have a list of Elements:
    element.Elements [0] ["Width"] ,
    what would be wrong.
    C# Sadie Shannon, Jan 23, 2019

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    Create class:
    class Entity {
    public double X = 0;
    public double Y = 0;
    public double Z = 0;

    class Element : Entity {
    public string color = "red";

    class Room : Entity {
    public List<Element> objects;
    public void Add(Element obj) {

    class Door : Element{
    public string style = "modern";

    class Window : Element{
    public string material = "wood";

    Room room = new Room();

    room.Add(new Door());
    room.Add(new Window());
    Elijah Sosa

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    If I understand correctly, then you can make an Element class that will contain the properties width, height, lengthy.

    Inherit the Room class from this class and add List Elements

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