Should you use Babel in every project?

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    Just wondering if babel is badly needed? And in general, is it necessary to convert js to es5?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 17, 2019

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    What browsers are you planning to support on your project? Answer this question, I think you will answer your own.
    Clare Sanchez

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    I do this on my projects:

    in the root I put my default .gulpfile

    require('require-dir')('./gulp/tasks', { recurse: true });

    I create a folder / gulp / tasks into which I copy the necessary tasks from my archive of developments, 80% of them are the same everywhere, therefore the package.json and the contents of the tasks folder are almost the same. For paths, and other variables that differ, I create a separate unique .json file, in which there are already variables that only need to be filled.

    As a result, the complete setup of the collector, together with the babel and all the cool tricks, takes me about 10-15 minutes per project. This time pays off in a couple of hours of work due to LiveReload, auto-deploy, the habit of working with your stack, etc.

    Therefore, I would advise you to thoroughly prepare your collector once and add it to all your projects. Of course - it's worth it, you will understand it yourself later.
    Matthew Harvey

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