How to specify variables correctly in Kotlin?

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    Good day. I use Kotlin and Spring. Tell me how to work with variables correctly (in the structure below) to avoid constant checking for NULL and prescribing "!!"?

    There are such variables in the class.

        var newsModules: NewsModules
        var usersModules: UsersModules
        var regionsModules: RegionsModules
        var productModule: ProductsModules
        var requestsModules: RequestsModules

    If you do not specify " init "

    init {
            newsModules = NewsModules()
            usersModules = UsersModules()
            regionsModules = RegionsModules()
            productModule = ProductsModules()
            requestsModules = RequestsModules()

    Then you need to initialize the variables in this way.

        var newsModules: NewsModules? = null

    This entails constantly checking for " null " and prescribing " !! ". And as I understand it, using " init () " is not entirely correct here, since " @Autowired " is used.

    Tell me how to arrange it more competently. Thank you!
    Java Declan Elliott, Jul 15, 2019

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