Calculating the entropy of a password based on the Russian language dictionary. Implementation?

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    Are there ready-made implementations for evaluating entered passwords on a non-English vocabulary base. Moreover, taking into account that 50/50 is the use of Russian keys in the Glya layout? Of the implementations, js is convenient, but the main thing is the essence of the algorithm.
    JavaScript Anonymous, Sep 27, 2020

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    What's the problem with writing such an algorithm? Get the line, go on

    1) If password & gt; 8 characters - continue (put 1 stick of difficulty out of 4), no - discard

    2) If passwords contain numbers - add a stick

    3) There is at least one capital letter - + 1 more

    4) If characters like! @ # $% ^ ... are + 1 more

    Then we check the received number and, depending on its value, issue or not issue an error.

    Everything goes through a banal search for a character in a string

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    Alternating groups of character sets.

    Then, we multiply the primes in order in the number of alternations of these groups.

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