Can Chrome extensions be used to write a bot for a website? Or can I use the console?

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    You need to automate actions on one site. And I do not want to study completely the interaction of the client with the server on this site in order to implement this, for example, through node-fetch. Everything is extremely difficult there.
    It seems like the easiest way is the developer console. Insert the necessary script there and run, but when you change the page, everything that was in the console disappears, and the bot will have to work on several pages. And automatically log in to different accounts on this site. And every time you enter the code that comes to the mail and switch the country of the VPN (through another extension for chrome).
    Is it possible to somehow implement this using extensions for chrome?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Mar 10, 2020

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    yes you can.

    but why write an extension for this?

    most tasks can be solved using banal user scripts.

    in general - tamper monkey and google to help you.
    Iris Franklin

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    Yes, it is possible. Chrome extensions allow you to run arbitrary JavaScript code on websites, the option you need is called content scripts:

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