How do I find out the name of a room in

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    Hello, in general, I'm learning how to work with rooms in and there is this logic:

    1 . The user clicks the button "Create a room" , then a room is created with the name
    which is the creator's .

    2 . Then everyone on the site in the "List of rooms" has a block where the name of the creator is written.
    and there is a button "Login"

    And then it never occurs to me how to make sure that the "Enter" button leads exactly to that room,
    in the block of which it is located and I do not understand how to find out the name of this very room.
    There was an idea to create an invisible input where value will contain the name of this room, but it seems to me
    it's a collective farm.

    P.S: In general, if there are labor-hards here that are already in their head
    wrote this code and know how it works, can you suggest the logic?
    JavaScript Anastasia Daniels, Jan 5, 2020

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    Store everything in a database and distribute to users) everything is simple

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