After the "addNewItm" function, the "ClickDetail" function stops working. What could be the reason?

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    For some reason after adding a new item. "ClickDetail" function does not work.
    What exactly am I doing wrong? The error is somewhere in the "addNewItm" function, right?

    Below is a link to an example with code.

    1. Button with the function of adding "addNewItm".
    2. "ClickDetail" buttons.
    3. After the new element "ClickDetail" doesn't work.

    Hopefully it's not about the layout.
    Not shit code, but archiarchitecture.
    JavaScript Natalie Burton, May 4, 2019

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    Well, open your console and take a look.

    You have an error in ClickDetail

    The function has a required argument.

    function ClickDetail (e) {

    But you call it without arguments.

    ClickDetail ()

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