How do I run a constantly running script in ubuntu (gearman)?

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    I keep trying to work normally with gearman, but as soon as I need to do something, I have to put the script for constant execution again.
    After searching for the reason, I realized that I had to run it together with the nohup command. But the problems did not diminish. Why does the script break off? I thought about running and checking through cron, but in this case, the script may break during a process that takes a very long time (import from XML), which I don't need at all. What's the matter?
    Ubuntu Anna Blevins, Apr 28, 2020

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    Did you put the script in the background? nohup .... & amp;

    You also need to check the value of the php max_execution_time parameter

    Turn on logging, maybe it crashes from a fatal
    Joshua Crane

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