How to properly configure DNS server on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS?

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    Please tell me how to properly configure bind9 in ubuntu?

    The site is being written and I would like to launch it without third-party hosting and dns servers. To do this, I understand you need to install your server and register its IP at the domain registrar. Search services did not help find fresh, relevant information in Russian. I ask to help all those who have any information.
    Ubuntu Felix Christensen, May 15, 2020

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    it won't work without third-party dns servers, man should indicate at the domain registrar where to send requests, and dns are responsible for this) ...

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    According to the requirements of DNS technology, in order to receive domain delegation, you need to have at least two DNS servers serving it. Primery (primary, master) and secondary (secondary, slave).

    Formally, they should be on different subnets.

    The Primary Server stores and distributes a file describing the delegated DNS zone. Secondary server (or servers) automatically mirror its content and changes.

    Without this, the registrar cannot delegate your domain to you.

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