What is the reason for the drop in Apt speed after updating Ubuntu?

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    After updating the distribution, the speed dropped from 2-8 mb / s to 200 kb / s. Mirror mirror.yandex.ru , did not change. More than 300 kb / s on any mirror does not rise. It was not updated automatically, but itself, therefore, it is unlikely to be together with everyone. Something similar happened, during and after the netboot installation of the system with mirror.yandex.ru , I did not find the reason, it passed by itself after I changed the mirror several times and returned to Yandex.
    Ubuntu Logan Herrera, May 22, 2020

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    Problem solved , maybe it will be useful to someone. It was relevant for all mirrors. The local machine is behind my home router. After much torment, I began to suspect my provider of dirty tricks, and after executing
    wget 'http://mirror.yandex.ru/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz'
    on the remote server, I saw that the speed to the mirror was nothing. I called the provider, they told me that the router was to blame. I connected the provider's cable directly - I got the speed at the tariff. I downloaded the file. Connected back through the router - downloaded the same file at the same speed, but the new file - again slowly. As I understand it, as I guessed Vlad Zhivotnev , they have a caching proxy there, but initially this is not the reason. The operator told me that the problem could be that the mirror server itself cuts the speed by responding to a gray IP, and that now they will assign me a white IP, they say that is all they can do for me.
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    Try the same file 2 times via http download and see if the speed will be higher the second time.
    Isaiah Webb

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