403 Forbidden dokuwiki?

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    Good afternoon, I wanted to bring up the wiki dock on ubuntu server 14, found instructions , followed
    apt-get install dokuwiki
    I got to look for /etc/apache2/conf.d/dokuwiki.conf , of course I didn't find it, after execution:
    ~# whereis dokuwiki.conf
    dokuwiki: /etc/dokuwiki /usr/share/dokuwiki

    dug around, found @ dokuwiki.conf, well, it seems. Corrected the slash, restarted anache, and got from a remote computer to
    and he won't let me in. Error: You don't have permission to access /dokuwiki/install.php on this server.

    Actually there are already two questions. Did I find the correct config file for editing and the second question. How do I still get access to this page and to the docwiki from the outside (inside the network) ??? I can't log in from the localhost, I haven't raised the Xs, I'm sitting with ssh under the root (bastard).
    Ubuntu Alice Gregory, Jun 23, 2019

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    The topic is dead, but suddenly who will google:

    I know it's not right to do this, but still - it will help you:

    chmod 777 -R ./dokuwiki

    The error is related to the fact that the Apache cannot read the file.

    To work with DokuWiki, you need to give the Apache permission to change files.

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