Has wordpress stopped working properly?

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    In general, the essence of the question is, can someone help ...

    It was necessary to transfer WP to VDS, everything was transferred, everything is fine, but: the links stopped working, changing the CNC in the admin panel does not lead to anything, in particular, according to my observations, the .htaccess file is not being rewritten and something else ... Plugin tried installing prntscr.com/8qlms7 I suspect that these problems are due to the fact that originally on the old WP hosting was pre-installed by them.
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Feb 15, 2019

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    From the description, it is clear only that you transferred it crookedly, you had to read the documentation first.

    And on the case I will say that, again, the documentation will help you to at least set the correct rights to files and folders.
    Blake Melton

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    CSN has nothing to do with it.

    as already said above - just moved it crookedly.

    no rights to directories, nor possibly DB
    Declan Kirk

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    a2enmod rewrite

    apachectl restart

    Well, check that you did not lose the .htaccess file during the transfer during the transfer.

    Well, in order for WP to edit htaccess itself, you need to issue write permissions to the web server for it (chmod 777 usually), but it's better not to do this, but keep it static and edit it by hand as needed.
    Colin Hogan

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