Ubuntu won't boot?

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    There is Windows on the laptop. I created a partition, installed ubuntu in it, but it does not load. Google write about the overwritten bootloader, tried the bootrepair tool, tried to put it through the terminal. Did some kind of manipulation with efi ...
    Although who could erase it if I just put it on?
    Everything that I tried does not help. Efi error then no / cow
    I don't understand these nuances.
    Confused finally help
    Ubuntu Jace Cardenas, Mar 12, 2020

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    Make a rubble USB flash drive, boot from it and re-partition the partition, which is already under Linux. If it correctly detects Windows, then that sector was not damaged. If successful, you will see the Grub boot menu.

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    install a different version

    install xubuntu, lubuntu

    with Linux, the result is not always guaranteed, especially for beginners (like me)

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