Browser blinking when opened in ubuntu 15.04 / 14.04 on virtualbox can you fix it?

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    In general, the problem is this, I put everything on the ubuntu 15.04 virtual machine, except that when the browser is opened, the opening area starts blinking 15 times, as if I frantically open and hide windows. I thought that the problem was in the additions of the guest OS, installed them, tried with different distributions, but the problem did not go away. I tried to install the same problem on 14.04, I even installed elementary os, but everything seems to be fine, only you cannot change the permissions and the window the size of a CD.

    Judging therefore the problem is in the drivers there and there. What do you recommend?

    The computer has windows 10 / 16GB OP / i5 2500k / GeForce 480Ti 2GB 256 bit, FullHD monitor
    Ubuntu Anonymous, Mar 31, 2020

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    Which version of Virtualbox? 5.0+?

    What is the host system?

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