How to make smooth scrolling in jScrollPane and how to solve the problem inside scrolling?

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    I put the scroll here, but the scroll does not work there, so I put it separately on the site.
    Working example here: index.html

    There is a scroll, + a drop-down list for details - summary.

    Official scroll site:

    The scroll is lightweight and there seems to be nothing superfluous, there are arrows, that's the only reason I put it.
    The scrolling has a problem, if you open the list of those same drop-down tabs in it, then it throws somewhere up, go down and try to click on one of the items, it will open and throw it up.

    How to add animation, it is written about it in English on the main site, it seems like it is there, but I can't figure out how to make smooth scrolling.

    Two small questions, tell me how to solve. Thank you in advance and say thank you. From me +300 to mobile)
    JavaScript Autumn Le, Jan 2, 2019

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    In general, the problem was solved, if that script.


    I didn't fit here (they say there are more than 10k characters), here is a link to js .. .

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