How to make the first point go too?

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    href with #block works ( href = "# block" )

    and there is no href with a slash href = "/ # about" )
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jun 29, 2019

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    1. Because there are two types of links - relative and absolute. Absolute paths contain the full path, starting with the protocol, for example
    <a href="">Кому-то пора почитать про азы HTML</a>

    2. Because there is such a tag & lt; base href = "/" & gt; , which is used when you specify relative links and helps to form the full path.

    For example, it is specified like this:

    & lt; base href = "" / & gt;

    Then for the link
    <a href="/#about">Кому-то пора почитать про азы HTML</a>
    the full path will be , that is, in this case, the anchor will be searched for on the main page, and not on the one where the link is located

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    In an eerie-scary form (I couldn't think of it better):

    Abigail Long

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