How to use a video player so that the file cannot be downloaded?

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    Please tell me an example for the server and for the browser, how to create a download-protected video view for copyright protection?
    As I understand it, you need to write on both the server and the client so that there would be encrypted buffering and downloading in fragments?
    I do not count the screen and screen recording. Of course, those who really want to download it, but I want to complicate the process so that we can filter out the first echelon of those who want to download.
    JavaScript Aubrey Lambert, May 15, 2019

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    Whoever wants to, he will either download in fragments, or record the screen on which, despite all your tricks, the finished content will still be collected.
    Xander Sosa

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    Look at the line DRM . But as d-sem rightly noted, you can simply record the screen.

    In general, why not distribute the video through youtube? I don't know if they allow you to use drm, but there is paid content there. After all, if the video is stolen and distributed there, and you can challenge the ownership through the support service.

    Do you have such valuable content?

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    https : // player-type = vod-drm & amp; mp4-src = ...

    Look here, maybe something can be done

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