Where can I find the best c # practice?

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    Guys, tell me where to find, see the best practice in c # and generally in programming ?? Well, for example, how best to write LINQ queries, how best to work with streams, and so on. And tell me, I have only 5 months of work experience, and my eyes run up what to study in terms of topics, tell me where to start, first learn some basic things (ado.net, entiti framework, networking, linq well, etc.) e) and then study all this in depth, or start with design patterns ??
    C++ Anonymous, Oct 28, 2020

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    Pluralsight.com - everything is there. Take it and use it.
    Conor Jacobs

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    If you are already working on a specific project, the priority is given to the technologies used in this project. You don't want to lose your job, do you? In addition, in this case, you have a good opportunity for growth, simply by studying the code written by more experienced colleagues. Feel free to ask questions. And try to understand why certain technical decisions are being made.

    If, in addition to work, you have time to study other technologies, then pay attention to the trends that can be traced in your project (you can ask your team leader about this). The moment new technologies are required, you will be on top.

    If you are going to change jobs, then study what technologies are needed in the position you want to take. I usually advise you to have a plan for your own development for five years in advance: determine who you want to be in five years, define a list of skills, set priorities. And day after day you need to go according to this plan, periodically subjecting it to peer review.

    As for practice, I would advise you to learn how to work with MSDN. There is a special section, patterns & amp; practices: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en- us / library / ff921345.aspx .

    Also check out the Microsoft developer blogs. For example, Sergey Teplyakov's blog sergeyteplyakov.blogspot.ru

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    I made up such a list for myself approximately:

    10 C #

    20 asp.net web forms

    30 asp.net mvc

    31 LINQ

    32 SQL Server

    33 Entity Framework

    40 wcf

    42 Unit testing

    44 Moq

    50 Javascript

    60 jquery

    70 angular

    90 RavenDB

    I do not pretend to be the ultimate truth :)
    Xander Hobbs

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