How to add another number to each number of a certain class?

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    How to add a different number to each number of a certain class?

    For example, we have:
    <span class="current-price">20 000 ₽</span>
        <div class="second-price-par">
           <span class="other-price">10000</span>
           <span class="other-price">50000</span>

    It is necessary to add the number .current-price
    to each number .other-price I tried to get the values ​​like this, but in fact you need to create an array and a loop in PHP, I'm at a loss how to do this.
    const regEx = '₽';
    	 let firstPrice = document.querySelector('span.PricesalesPrice').innerHTML;
             let secondPrice = document.querySelector('.other-price').innerHTML;
             let nextPrice = firstPrice.replace(regEx, '');
             let nextSecondPrice = secondPrice.replace(regEx, '');
    JavaScript Anonymous, May 25, 2019

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    document.querySelectorAll('.other-price').forEach(n => {
    n.textContent = +n.textContent +
    parseInt(document.querySelector('.current-price').textContent.split(' ').join(''));
    Silas James

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    Here's another option.


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