How do I attach multiple photos to a post?

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    Hello everyone!

    There is a model so that when creating a post, the user can attach their photos!

    I see such an option (probably one of the simplest), it is to add an additional model QueryImage, and use inlineformset_factory to make a form for images:

    class Query(models.Model):
        # к этой модели нужно прикрепить фото
        # ...
    class QueryImage(models.Model):
        query = models.ForeignKey('Query', related_name='images', verbose_name=u'Запрос')
        image = models.ImageField(u'Фото', upload_to='images/%Y/%m/%d')
        comment = models.CharField(u'Комментарии', max_length=200, blank=True)
        updated = models.DateTimeField(u'Изменен', auto_now=True)
        created = models.DateTimeField(u'Создан', auto_now_add=True)

    Tell me how you can implement such a task in your projects (the task is quite popular)?
    Maybe you are using third-party applications?
    Django Sebastian Medina, Oct 25, 2019

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    You described a good option.

    Instead of inline, you can throw an API and send photos by AJAX (because, judging by the model, you do not limit the user to a specific number of photos).

    By the way, use django-imagekit to compress photos (you don't know maybe the user would like to send you a 400MB bitmap?)

    And instead of
    image = models.ImageField ()

    image = ProcessedImageField(upload_to='your/path', 
    processors=[ResizeToFit(800, 600)],
    format='JPEG', options={'quality': 70})

    In this example, the image will be inscribed in an 800x600 rectangle, keeping the proportions. Other options are not hard to guess.
    Caroline Allison

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