How to access login_required url?

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    Yes means url:
    url(r'^links$', login_required(views.LinkListView.as_view()), name='links')

    and view:
    class LinkListView(ListView):
        model = Link
        template_name = "app/links.html"

    in html:
    href = "{% url 'links'%}"
    I get an error
    I have already googled that it is so easy not to contact the login_required url, but I could not find a clear answer.
    Django Anonymous, Aug 30, 2020

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    url(r'^links$', login_required(views.LinkListView.as_view(), login_url=reverse_lazy('your_login_url')), name='links')

    In general, it is more beautiful to put it into a mixin.

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