How to send out a 100k base?

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    Good day, everyone.
    The situation is this: there is a base of 100k subscribers (subscribers are legal, collected over a long time).
    How to organize mailing to this database? There is a server and a django application for mailing. But how much will it work? What is the percentage of spam emails?
    Or is it better to use third-party services?
    Thank you
    Django Anonymous, Jun 21, 2019

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    $ 17 for 100k emails

    What is the percentage of spam emails?
    here depends more on mailing - at first you will not be allowed to send many emails

    200 per hour given from the start

    if a lot of letters are sent to spam, then the limit will be cut, if not enough, then they will add
    Evangeline Hess

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    Most likely, your mail server will get into spam very quickly, since earlier (again, most likely) there were no such large mailings from its side.

    I would recommend using third-party services that are guaranteed to be marked safe by the largest email providers (google,, yandex, etc.)

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