JScrollPane scrolling, strange adaptation, how to solve the problem?

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    I recently installed a jScrollPane scroll, I can't figure out the adaptation, there is a problem.

    Scroll official website: jscrollpane.kelvinluck.com

    Sample working diagram added here: https://jsfiddle.net/0kfeuar3/ < br /> I loaded all the scripts, but the scroll itself is not visible, but the essence of the adaptation is visible even without scrolling, if you compress the screen resolution, you can see that in the left block where the scroll is, the text starts to go beyond the block, if you update or press the Run button there, there is an update and adaptation changes, the text stops going outside the frame.

    The fact that this is because of scrolling is clear, if you remove the scroll-pane-arrows class and compress the resolution, then everything is fine and the text does not go beyond the frame.

    What is the reason, why is this and how to solve the problem?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Nov 5, 2019

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