JS doesn't work in Chrome, but it works in FF. What is the reason?

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    Tell me what is the reason that the picture switch does not work in Chrome. It works fine in Fox. I do not see any suitable errors in the console. Link to the site bit.do/fKKJz
    JavaScript Anonymous, Jun 3, 2019

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    The solution was suggested by ksnk using the link https: //hardmandev.com/article/ne-rabotayut-kliki -... read the second comment

    In jquery.bxslider.js, one line needs to be fixed.

    Because slider.viewport.get (0) .setPointerCapture returned 1 and orig.pointerId returned 1, then this same line (1109):

    if (slider.viewport.get (0) .setPointerCapture) {

    replaced with:

    if (! slider.viewport.get (0) .setPointerCapture) {
    Genevieve Preston

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