How do I create floating blocks that can be pushed with the cursor?

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    I have about 15 different small pictures, I need them not to be attached to a specific point on the page, but to be able to "float" around the entire delimiter block.

    I attach a somewhat similar example below. But this is an example of interconnected blocks, and they only react to the mouse through dragging. And I need to be able to "push" them back and forth with the cursor.

    I hope I made it clear.
    I would be glad to see tips in the form of specials. libraries, examples or tips!
    JavaScript Collin Rush, Sep 22, 2020

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    Well, what's so hard about it?

    You have an example of positioning such blocks.

    Hang up a handler on the mouseenter event, look at the coordinates of the mouse, the coordinates of the current block, and move it.

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