How can I specify the path to the .json file in html, and so that the text works there and is displayed on the screen?

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    I need to connect json (file) to html. And so that the text is displayed on the screen, and the side will indicate:

     "startTime":"1000", (Это пример таймкода)
     "text":"I love you baby",
     "Lineend":"*" (0 будет означать что оно не будет делать новую строку. 1 будет означать что будет переход в начало нового текста.)

    But I want to be used with src: (if possible). Or with fetch.

    But I already have:

    var audio = new Audio();
    audio.src = "";;
    var lirycs = [{
    "time": 5444,
    "duration": 121,
    "text": "Top ",
    "isLineEnding": 0
    "time": 6000,
    "duration": 121,
    "text": "Top2 ",
    "isLineEnding": 0
    var next_text = lirycs.shift();
    var checker = setInterval(function(){
            next_text = lirycs.shift();
    (And I want to use dson in this script not just like in the script, but to take timecodes by src: or using fetch.
    JavaScript Wyatt Stone, Feb 23, 2019

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