Why doesn't any event other than onclick work?

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    Already simplified does not work even in this form. I tried it with both a mouse and a touchpad.
    There is a div (empty with class, let's say content)
    function t9(){ console.log ('1'); }
    function t10(){ console.log ('2'); }
    document.querySelector('.content').onclick = t9;
    document.querySelector('content').ondblclick = t10;

    as a result, 1- appears in the console, 2 -not.
    I try another way, commenting out the first line ( document.querySelector ('. content'). onclick = t9; ), replacing the handler assignment with:
    document.querySelector('content').addEventListener ("dblclick", t10);

    And the silence is the same with other events. What to do ? How to check? Only one click event works.
    The code is written in VSC, Windows 10 system, Chrome browser and Edge.
    JavaScript Elizabeth Mosley, Sep 25, 2019

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    function t9(){ console.log ('1'); }
    function t10(){ console.log ('2'); }

    var items = document.getElementsByClassName('content');

    for (var i = 0; i < items.length; i++) {
    items[i].addEventListener( 'click', function() { t9() } );
    items[i].addEventListener( 'dblclick', function() { t10() } );

    with the entry function () {t9 ()} I'm not quite sure which is correct, because I don't practice JS, but I checked the code - it works

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    Here is such an experiment, can anyone know what may be.


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