How to upgrade js?

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    Hello! I have been studying js for 1 year. I work as a front-end developer, stack: react, redux, js

    Objective: to practice js

    Advise an action plan. I see it this way: I read some block on For example objects - & gt; I solve problems there, go to codewars, solve a bunch of problems on objects there. Next, I turn, for example, to arrays, the same thing. Or web components - & gt; I'm going to cut my selections, date inputs on the web components.

    Still worried about the question of oop, fp, algorithms, data structures, when is it better to add it to the training plan?
    JavaScript Anonymous, Feb 6, 2020

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    Objective: to practice js

    So practice. The developers who have been working as front-end developers for a year are surprising, and still - I solve problems for arrays .... What are the arrays?) What are the problems, you meet with arrays at work every day, here is the solution for you.

    Jump higher, the employer pays you not for knowing how to iterate over arrays, and not for knowing how reduce works. He pays for solving business problems, for your experience.

    Find some big project (written in react \ any js framework), and write your own (make a complete analog) (peek into the architecture of the project that you "steal" is welcome).

    Here is the experience that the employer expects from you, and the experience that is appreciated, and not a bunch of tasks for objects that have nothing to do with real tasks at work.
    Iris Shaffer

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