How to make a slider with different content on different slides?

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    Friends need help!
    You need to make the slider fit the full width of the screen with different content in each slide (text and button).
    How can this be done?
    Examples are desirable if possible.
    JS just started learning)))
    thanks for the help.
    JavaScript Anastasia Herring, Jan 14, 2019

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    <div id="slide1">Первый набор элементов<div>
    <div id="slide2">Второй набор элементов отличный от первого<div>
    <div id="slide3">Третий набор элементов отличный от предыдущих<div>
    <div id="slide4">Четвертый набор элементов<div>

    If you develop, then

    <div id="slide1">
    <img src="image.jpg">
    <div id="slide2">
    <div style="background-image: url('image2.jpg')">
    <span>Мега куртой телефон</span>
    <a href="#">Купить</a>
    <div id="slide3">
    <source src="video1.mpg">
    <div id="slide4">
    <div style="background-color:#000; color: #000;">Самый черный слайд</div>
    Nathan Shah

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